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Ken Shafer’s holds a ‘Green Stamp Plus’ Environmental accreditation with the MTA NSW (motor traders association) and are in the process of working towards the level two (Beyond Compliance) accreditation.

As more and more focus is directed towards sustainability and caring for the environment, it is clear that current environmental practices must change. The environment is not an issue solely for governments to deal with; corporate, small business and individuals must also play their part and make contributions to reduce greenhouse gases.

Australia’s per capita emissions are nearly twice the average levels and more than four times the world average states the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD). In fact, industrial process emissions have increased by 28%*. This has prompted many Bodyshop owners to ask how they can make a difference.

With this is mind, your car will not only receive the best possible finish using the world’s #1 waterborne paint – Glasurit 90 Line, but waterborne paint significantly reduces the amount of solvent emissions and improves air quality both in and around the Bodyshop, further helping reduce the solvent emissions released into the atmosphere.  As 70% of car manufacturers worldwide are now using waterborne technology for their factory finishes it’s a logical choice for refinishing bodywork. “We were aware of the impact that solvents had on our environment and wanted to be proactive in making a change towards greener practices.” says Bryson Shafer, General Manager.

In addition to using the best European technology, we have joined the Glasurit Bodyshop Emissions Program, an ANZ initiative which turns Bodyshop emissions into trees. The program has been formed in partnership with Carbon Neutral Australia, one of Australia’s leading not-for-profit greenhouse gas emission reduction organisations and helps our Bodyshop reduce our environmental impact through planting trees. Planting trees is an effective way to absorb or “sequester” greenhouse gases. “These environmentally friendly initiatives are a positive move within an industry that has long been associated with solvent emissions, with our contribution to the tree planting program we know that we are being a proactive industry leader in making a difference” says Bryson

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