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Car accidents often happen because of human mistakes like careless driving or drunk driving. In addition, these can sometimes be brought on by poor road infrastructure or poor weather condition. And, being a driver, if you have never experienced accident in the last ten years, you can already consider yourself as lucky.

Remember that a car crash could really mean stress and frustration on your part. Even though the damages are quite minimal, still, the hassles in insurance policies including not driving on a car for a long period of time could mean a stressful experience on your part. Higher insurance premiums or costly fines may also become some important issues you need to face after with your busy life.

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Now, if your vehicle needs a smash repair, all you need to do is to contact the best smash repairs in Sydney and let them know that you had a previous accident. You may call your insurer and you may lodge a specific claim. Most of the time, you will be advised to get your claim number to arrange the authority and the inspection. The repair process of your car will now be started in by the staff of professionals from the Best Smash Repairs in Sydney.


Unfortunately, accidents happen. Fortunately we’re here.

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In regard with these situations, it is often suggested by experts from our company that your damaged vehicle be brought on our site. This may be done if the damages have not been that serious at all. However, the issue on car smashes could sometimes prove to be deceiving as if there really is no damage at all. For you to be sure about it, it is just a lot better to get us contacted and have our team of experts look at it. For bigger damages, expect to pay for significantly higher costs that are why you need to prepare for your money.

Shafer Auto can be your trusted company for the Best Smash Repairs in Sydney as it ensures that your car is attended to right after the smash repair has been done. There is no longer a need to settle with other repair shops in the area as the company has its established reputation. Take note that it could be not enough having car insurance after experiencing a bad smash. Even the insurance company may charge you a lot than what you can really afford to pay.


Being wise is essential in ending up for the best smash repairs and that through our company; the best possible repair can be obtained. There will also be a lot of options you can consider for the repair. Rather than replacing all damages sections with newer parts, our team of professionals present a good estimate of the cost and the reconditioned parts.

In the event that the damage has been found to be severe, expect that the repair could be a lot of expensive as compared to the replacement. Ken Shafer Auto Body is the best smash repairs in Sydney and can be found in our company going beyond fixing paints cars and dents. Before you get your car back, our team of professionals can wash and cash polish it making it sure that the inside is tidy and clean!