Since 1925, Festool made in Germany, has been producing quality, innovative power tool systems and solutions designed to help professionals improve efficiencies, save time and money and ultimately achieve better quality results.

Festool automotive systems offer flexible workspace systems that meet the requirements of all shapes and sizes when it comes to automotive shops. From stationary with a large operating radius and moving parts to flexible solutions for working within small areas.

Festool understands that set up time and inefficient workflow patterns are major cost factors in every sector of trade and industry. This is where Festool Automotive Systems pay off.
Take the sanding systems for example; over the years Festool have refined the art of sanding, from inventing the first orbital sander in the 1950’s, to launching the most advanced sanding system available with a combination dust extractor, all in one hose, sander and work centre in 2014 (LEX 3 Generation Sanders).

With minimal vibration and a comfortable design, LEX 3 150mm sanders are also oil free, eliminating one more headache in the paint shop with no contamination and without the need to remember to oil the sanders.  Festool dust extractors come standard with the highest HEPA filter and a special self-cleaning filter bag designed with the body shop in mind to maximise the volume that can be collected in every bag. The all in one hose makes it faster and easy for the users of the system to change sanders quickly without the need of the airline, extraction hose or exhaust line. Plus, the Festool Mobile Work Centre brings the sanders, extractor and hoses together to be a complete mobile workstation ready for any step of the process so that everything is one spot all the time. The result? Superior quality surface finishes that can be achieved faster, saving time and money.