Accident Management Service

Shafer Auto will work with you in order to make a custom accident management solution, which meets the unique requirements of your business. Therefore, after a mishap or accident, we will handle the whole thing- while you focus on other important things.

Guaranteed Value
Shafer Auto accident management service is assured to save you time and money. Regardless of how complicated your claim, our experts could hand it with less expense and less stress. Our skilled staff checks the charge of each repair utilizing business leading systems to make sure that the expense of the repairs and those involved in a catastrophe are honest and competitive.
Shafer Auto’s monthly customer reports show considerable saving of up to ten percent off the original costs- therefore you know that you’re getting a service that you can rely on. However what service is ideal for you? Shafer Auto accident management services are menu bases therefore you could pick the best services for you and your business, you might even want us to do it all!

Exceptional Customer Assistance
After a mishap, the last thing you or your driver needs to fret about is which number to contact or if they have available balance on their phone. Shafer Auto only have one free number to contact, this reduce time, stress and of course money.
Our employees are well-trained to assist your driver in a shocking experience with less stress and sympathy, whist handling the repairs fast and effectively.
When the driver has contacted our number, our call centre sends the information to the relevant car repair centre based on the allocation of the postcode. Then the car repair centre will call the driver to arrange booking in collection of car or deliver of the courtesy car. When your care is in for repair, you and your driver will be updated of development and could also keep a check on our tracking system online. If the car is completed, your driver will be called again to schedule an appropriate return date.

Handling Claims
Our expert team has the capability, expertise and experience to handle the full range of insurance claims, from small car damage to complicated personal injury. Careful awareness is paid to a sensible reserving policy to make sure that customers know their responsibilities and liabilities.

Reliable Accident Management
Shafer Auto has the most experienced and well-trained personnel in this kind of business. Our team has a supreme understanding of the whole accident management procedure and is capable of handling the process professionally and quickly. Accidents could be reported anytime and our tea, are very well trained to assist drivers in the whole course to make sure their potentially shocking experience is taken care of. We could get the driver back home and help them fast and competently when there’s harm to the auto, property as well as injury to themselves.
For fleet manager, Shafer Auto is capable of acting right away to choose the most excellent way for your car to be fixed and provide professional advice regarding the available options.

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