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By using genuine parts will your vehicle be safer?

Ken Shafer Auto Body reccomends using genine parts forms to ensure your vehicle always meets manufacturer standards.

Every genuine part is designed to the exact specifications of each manufacturers model. Each part must pass intense quality-control checks, helping to ensure that each vehicle remains as safe and reliable as the first day it was driven.

· Safety

Restoring your vehicle using parts originally designed for it helps maintain the manufacturers-specified safety benefits it had when new.

· Warranty

Genuine parts are the only repair parts protected by the OEM’s (original equipment manufacturer) warranty.

· Precise Fit

Genuine parts are engineered and manufactured to stringent standards – for a precise, just like new fit.  

· Genuine Materials

Genuine Parts are made from high-grade steel and quality composite materials unique to themselves.

· Investment Protection

Imitation parts can compromise your vehicle, and may void your new vehicle warranty. With genuine parts your receive all the craftsmanship, performance, precision and value as originally intended.


Ken Shafer’s and your vehicle manufacturer encourages the use of Genuine Parts Requests Forms to ensure your vehicle is always upto manufacture’s standards.