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If you’ve been involved in a collision, trust Ken Shafer to provide the right Narellan smash repair for the job. You can count on us for the fastest turn-around time possible, high quality replacement parts and workmanship and the best prices. Our team of smash repairers in Narellan can work with the level of competence you’re expecting from them.

Car body and Collision Repair

Our Narellan smash repairers can repair all car body damages caused by accidents, hail damage and minor collisions. We use the latest equipment to complete our work. Frame components that have been bent or crushed will be straightened or replaced fast. We are the best smash repairers in the Narellan area and can determine if the frame can be fixed or has to be replaced.


Paint Matching and Detailing

If you want to change the looks of your car, we can also do that for you. We will match the original colour of your car using a computer to get the exact match you are looking for. Whether it’s an overall paint job or spot painting you want, you are assured that your car will reflect your taste and personality. We can also clean and maintain your vehicle’s appearance. Your car will be thoroughly cleaned when you bring it to us.

Car Towing Services

We can tow your car if your vehicle suddenly stopped and you cannot fix it. With Ken Shafer’s team of Narellan smash repairers, you are rest assured that no further damaged will be inflicted on your car. Once your car arrives, our technicians will immediately inspect it and determine the right course of action.

We keep our prices affordable, but we never compromise on the quality of our Narellan smash repair service. If your car has sustained damage due to an accident or you are just looking for something new for your vehicle, you can trust us to do the job at a price you can afford. We deliver repairs in the most efficient and cost effective timeframe.


Why Choose Us?

Our panel shop is equipped with state-of-the-art technological equipment, including Car-O-Tronic computerised and Car-O-Liner collision measuring tools, 9 preparation bays with 5 low-rise lifts installations and a vehicle facility that is specifically made for major refurbishments and repairs. We also have overhead dust extraction arms and Festool dust extraction units that remove loose particles in the workshop.

We have a paint shop with 2 Lowbake baking ovens and 4 paint preparation bays. The preparation bays have a rapid overhead rail system that uses infra-red drying units. A large paint lab and mixing room have been built beside the preparation bays. We also have a dedicated towed vehicle area, customer parking area and spare parts storage. Our existing car park facilities can accommodate both heavy vehicles and passenger cars, streamlining access for retail customers and deliveries to the site.

The strict quality control systems we implement also guarantee that every vehicle is meticulously checked once the necessary repairs are done. Our smash repairers are fully licensed and have vast experience on various brands of vehicles.

For your Narellan smash repair needs, just call us or send us an email from the form below! We’re always happy to help.