Replacement Car Service

Replacement Cars

Shafer Auto accident replacement car service makes sure that in the case of a mishap we can put customers back on the road as fast as possible.

We offer quickly and stress free accident replacement car service delivered to your selected address in hours of your disaster. If clients are not at fault in the mishap then we offer them with a replacement car and recover the expenses of this off the “at faults” insurance provider on customers’ behalf. The accident replacement car service also takes account of the condition of a like for like car replacement to make sure that you have least trouble during the time of repair.

Conditions where Share Auto can Help

In case you had a mishap and wasn’t your fault- we recuperate the money off the at fault insurance providers.

We value the safety of our clients and put great importance on making sure they could go about their day to day business with least or small interruption. With the use of our accident replacement car service, not just will you get a like-for-like car you’ll also be suggested to our chosen repairer making sure your car is fixed to the pre-accident state utilising genuine accessories and parts.

Should you get yourself in the ill-times condition where you had a mishap then rest-assured to call our number and we will you right away.

Accident Report Form

It is hard to know what to do at the time of a mishap; however we try to make it easier by means of offering our clients with report forms. Even if you never need to utilise this, having these forms in your car will make the entire procedure of getting details a little bit easier.

Replacement Car

Shafer Auto know that every client’s need is different- we are capable of offering accident replacement cars to cover virtually any need and requirement which take account of specialist cars such as dual control cars.

Nationwide Service

Shafer Auto aim to give a replacement car within eight hours of accepting Road Traffic Accident claim. Our professionals will arrange for the release and collection of the accident replacement car- the expense of the rent will then be recovered straight from the careless driver’s insurance company.

This makes sure:

  • Market-premier invoice payment terms for the car repairer
  • Fast and effective repair service without loss of insurance excess
  • When the car is beyond cheap repair, we will cover storage, expenses incurred.
  • No upfront expenses to the car owners- our staff will organise funds for the charge of the repairs

Shafer Auto goes further for customers- through assisting to recover losses that are not covered by standard insurance coverage or policies such as:

  • Loss of profits
  • Policy excess
  • Out of pockets charges
  • Storage and recovery costs
  • Damages clothing or equipment
  • Reduction loss of resale worth for the fixed car
  • Deal with someone you can depend on.

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